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May the 2nd 2022


We are glad to announce the names of the Finalists of Cipriani Competition:
Ms. Minzuo Lu from China
Ms. Fiona Hill from Australia
Mr. Satoshi Kanno from Japan
Mr. Giuseppe Gammino from Italy

These musicians will have time until May the 31st to send their music for one of the clips for the Final. The jury will vote within June the 15th.

March the 10th 2022


There were 204 entries, from which a total of 61 composers from 19 different countries have been selected to join the Semifinal.

Here are the names of the candidates:

Mr.Sean Abernehy from UK
Mr.Frederic Audrin from France
Mr.Beniamin Baczewski from Poland
Mr.Ji Bark from USA
Mr.Matthieu Ben Hassen from France
Mr.Paolo Brignoli from Italy
Mr.Marco Capicchioni from San Marino
Ms.Mónica Cárdenas from Spain
Mr.Luigi Casabona from Italy
Mr.Anruo Cheng from USA
Mr.Federico Ciompi from Italy
Mr.Carlos Corredoira De Cora from Spain
Mr.Jonathan Cross from United Kingdom
Mr.Mario Cunha Olinto Filho from Brazil
Mr.Giosu D’Asta from Italy
Mr.Michele Di Filippo from Italy
Mr.Olivier Fautrat from France
Mr.Omar Francescato from Italy
Mr.Iluminada Frutos from Spain
Mr.Giuseppe Gammino from Italy
Ms.Mari Kotskyy from Japan
Mr.Léopold Labarriere from France
Mr.Roberto Laborda from Spain
Mr.Sebastian Legovich from Argentina
Ms.Xiang Lin Liu from USA
Mr.Pierre Mendola from France
Mr.Marco Mezzina from Italy
Mr.John Mylonas from Greece
Mr.Davide Nicodemi from Italy
Mr.Francesco Oliveto from Italy
Mr.Marco Ozbic from Italy
Mr.Esteban Pagella from Argentina/Italy
Ms.Vanessa Perica from Australia
Mr.Edoardo Petracci from Italy
Mr.Simone Piraino from Italy
Mr.Alessandro Pivetti from Italy
Mr.Giacomo Platini from Italy
Mr.Davide Roche from United Kingdom
Mr.Travis Savoie from Canada
Mr.Giuseppe Sbernini from Italy
Ms.Hristina Susak from Serbia
Mr.Andrea Tarantino from Italy
Mr.Gian Marco Verdone from Italy
Ms.Katarina Voroniuk from Ukraine
Mr.Jan Wachowski from Poland
Mr.Fernando Aguilà Macias from Spain
Ms.Tatsiana Amelyanenka from Belarus
Mr.Christopher Armstrong from USA
Mr.Marco Attura from Italy
Mr.Davide Campione from Italy
Mr.Giuseppe Fiorentino from Italy
Ms.Fiona Hill from Australia
Mr.Satoshi Kanno from Japan
Mr.Fabjan Košćak from Croatia
Ms.Joyce Langlais from France
Ms.Minzuo Lu from China
Mr.Andrzej Ojczenasz from Poland
Mr.Luca Poletti from Italy
Mr.Vincenzo Recchia from Italy
Mr.Carlos Rojano from Mexico
Mr.Luca Tiberini from Italy

The selected composers are requested to send their new piece within April the 10th, the results of the jury will be published as soon as possible after this deadline.